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We invite you to Igrosfera

International Boardgame Fair Igrosfera is held in Lviv, along with the children's book forum. Every year children's book forum attracts more than 30 000 people.

The fair area of 800 sq.m. of one of the halls of Lviv Palace of Arts will be used to conduct Igrosfera. Palace of Arts is a beautiful architectural monument in the heart of the old city.

We offer

  • visitors an opportunity to get acquainted with the modern boardgames, all their diversity from easy family and party games to  complex military and economic games. Come with family or friends, you will get an unforgettable experience and will spend your time great.


  • developers an opportunity to try the prototypes of your games in practice with experienced players and beginners, to meet with publishers and other developers, to get critical reviews and useful tips, as well as the positive charge of emotions to create new and exciting games.


  • publishers to show and sell your games to visitors of convention, to meet personally with the audience of your games, experienced players, developers and vendors, to get feedbacks about your games.


  • sellers to meet new customers and introduce them to your games, meet personally with your regular customers, publishers and game developers, to share your experiences with other representatives of the industry.


  • all participants to contribute your activity into the popularization of boardgames in Ukraine.

We ask you! Come, play, sell, change, give, buy and show games! We make our world interesting and full of fun in this way!

Sincerely yours,