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Igrosfera – is an International Boardgame Fair

Igrosfera – is an incredible place where facets are erased. These facets conventionally exist between individuals in the whole world, between people of different jobs, between adults and children, between authors and publishers, between publishers and players. Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of the permanent holiday. A great number of board games will be presented to your attention. Everyone, from the youngest visitors to seniors will find something interesting special to them.

The latest products from the world of board games absorb you in a crazy vortex of events, interesting adventures and brain puzzles. Domestic and foreign authors will present their new games. All comers will have the opportunity to play different interesting games while the exhibition. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to buy the game you like.

Igrosfera is also an excellent chance for the authors to present their new projects and to find a publisher for their games. In addition, they will compete for the title in one of the contest nominations. And this will play the important role in the further game promoting on the market.

We invite everyone to Igrosfera!



Igrosfera 2014. FAQ.

When and where will the fair take place?

International Boardgame Fair Igrosfera will take place in Lviv, Ukraine, 16-18 May, 2014. The venue remains the same that is Lviv Palace of Arts, located at Kopernik Street, 17.

What is the fair timetable?

Fair timetable:

Friday (16.05) from 11:00 to 19:00

Saturday (17.05) from 11:00 to 19:00

Sunday (18.05) from 10:00 to 17:00

Who is the organizer of the fair?

The organizer of the fair is a publisher IGAMES supported by Lviv Publishers Forum.

What are the goals of the fair?

The main goal is to create an open platform where publishers, developers, and players can meet.

Will the competition be held on the fair?

One of the goals of the fair is to present maximum boardgame developments and choose the best of them. For this purpose the board boardgame contest will take place on the fair.

Who evaluates the projects?

Special jury does. It consists of the competent representatives of board game industry.

What exhibition equipment are available to the authors?

The authors are provided with a special equipped sector, that is green in the scheme.

Where will the competition take place?

The presentation will take place in a specially designated place, where jury do their job.

How much time is given for the presentation?

The nominee project is demonstrated to the jury during the determined time, which depends on the complexity of the gameplay.

Will it be possible to record a video presentation of the project?

Yes, all the authors who have applied to the participation in the contest will have the opportunity to make a video presentation of the project (if he wishes to), and the author will tell about his project for YouTube spectators of IGAMES channel.

What is the other way to contact the organizers?

E-mail: igamesukr [at] gmail.com

Skype: boardgame.com.ua