Thursday May 11th, 2017  Application for Igrosfera 2017

Dear colleagues, if you are planning to take part in Igrosfera 2017, please write by e-mail to igamesukr at point

In the letter, indicate your name, the number of prototypes and their names, as well as the degree of readiness and a brief description of each. Video presentations and rules are optional, but the buote is extremely useful. I ask you not to hesitate, this information will be useful in planning our work.

Wednesday April 26th, 2017  Igrosfera 2017

This year Igrosfera held June 1-4. The place is not changed. City Lviv, “Palace of Arts”, Copernicus Street 17, 3rd floor Hall 2.

Meet us at Igrosfera! It will be fun, interesting and useful. More details later, stay tuned on the page.

Tuesday February 18th, 2014  Receiving of the applications for developers contest at Igrosfera 2014

We have started receiving the applications from authors for competing in the contest of boardgame developers at Igrosfera 2014. You can find all the information about the procedures for submitting the applications and answers to general questions relating to participation in the contest in regulations. The applications will be accepted strictly in accordance with the regulations.