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When and where will Igrosfera take place?

This year Igrosfera will be held on May 17-19 in Lviv (Ukraine) in Lviv Palace of Arts (Kopernik Street, 17), which is located in the picturesque city center.

Working hours: from 10 to 17.

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Lviv Palace of Arts – what is it?


Lviv Palace of Arts is an exhibition complex situated in the city center and surrounded by architectural monuments of the city.

The purpose of the complex is to organize the exhibition of fine art and advances in science and technology. In April of this year the Palace is opening its doors to the International Game Fair "Igrosfera".

The exhibition hall size is about 800 sq.m. To see the 3D panorama – click on the pictures below.


You can see the Lviv Art Palace and its surrounding buildings below on the photographs. Clicking on the image will get you to the 3D view of this place. Click and you won’t regret.


Lviv is an ancient and incredibly beautiful city. The originality of its architecture is caused by its rich history. In due time Lviv was included into various states: Galicia-Volyn principality, Rich Pospolyta, Austro-Hungary, Ukraine and others.

Each state exerted the influence on the history and architecture of the city. You can see the photos of the wonderful city below. Clicking on them will get you to the 3D view of this place.