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With a great pleasure we invite everyone to the specialized International Boardgame Fair – Igrosfera. This year the exhibition will be held in Lviv on May 16-18.

Participants and visitors of the fair are offered:

– interesting presentation of new board games;
– meetings with authors and game developers from Ukraine and other countries;
– playing games;
– exciting tournaments.

Each visitor will have the opportunity to play a lot of board games of different genres:
– classic games;
– adventure games;
– educational games;
– logical games;
– strategic games;
– economic games;
– games with miniatures;
– card games;
– party games and games for big companies;  
– games for kids and their parents;
– games for family leisure time and many others.

Purchasing board games

All visitors will have the opportunity to buy the board games from publishers at special prices.


There will be tournaments on various board games.

The contest of boardgame developers with the authors from different countries will take part. There are two nominations: "Best game of 2014" and "Best Family Game 2014".