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Paddling/Splash Jackets ($5), Farmer John wetsuits ($10), and high-top zippered neoprene diving booties ($5) are available for individual rental or all 3 for only $12.50. Patton’s Run is a ledge leading into a series of waves that gives new rafters trouble just after the put in, and Nantahala Falls caps the run. It honestly was a blast and I found myself thinking, “I could totally do a more intense river. Nantahala Outdoor Center, Ocoee: Hours, Address, Nantahala Outdoor Center Reviews: 5/5. Sep 24, 2020 - NOC offers two trips on the Ocoee. I want to try it next! Come & see our brand-new store! After our training, we loaded up in a 12-seater van and bumped and bounced about 10 minutes up the road to where you put in your raft. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Below is more information about them. After much convincing from my husband and hearing from the workers at Endless River Adventures that they had never been caught in a storm that bad on the river, I decided to go again that Monday. After reading through my story, you may not want to go whitewater rafting in the Nantahala River, but even after all of that, I highly recommend going and using Endless River Adventures. A lot of rivers you have to be older (like 12 or 16). callback: cb (Pre-purchase and save 10%) Click Here for Pricing. Choose Your Own Adventure or just ask us & we’ll help you choose…But whichever you choose, the Nantahala River is dam-controlled, so even in the driest months the water levels stay constant. Optimus Prime 4 wrote: ↑ 11:02 AM - Jul 27. They have bathrooms & private changing rooms. Flowing through the Nantahala Gorge, an area revered… Jumping into the raft, I was splashed with what felt like little ice cubes and my first thought was, what have I gotten myself into. NANTAHALA WHITEWATER PADDLING: Nantahala Outdoor Center Martin – SUP on the Nantahala. The Nantahala Falls was supposed to be a 3+ and our guide prepared us for it very carefully. forms: { Self-Bailing Rafts: The last rapid, the grand finale of your trip, is Nantahala Wesser Falls. This final rapid of your adventure is also the rapid where we take pictures of your group. Please check for wood on your way to the put-in. Our instructors personally teach your group how to have the safest trip and the most fun. The products above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commision if you click through and make any purchase. © Adventurous Fast Rivers 2014 - Will Truett - 1.800.GET.RAFT - 1965 US Hwy 19, Topton, NC 28781. Paddle Inn Rafting Company - Private Adventures, Bryson City Picture: Going down the last rapid! Nantahala Rafting with Adventurous Fast Rivers, Bryson City Picture: The Last Rapid - Check out Tripadvisor members' 5,157 candid photos and videos of Nantahala Rafting with Adventurous Fast Rivers Slightly disappointing. Nantahala Outdoor Center, Bryson City Picture: Final rapid on the river - Check out Tripadvisor members' 5,251 candid photos and videos. Thankfully, I changed my mind and ended the trip with a great experience on the water. Well, our first mistake was deciding to wedge ourselves in some branches in the middle of the river. The falls is a technical rapid that demands an “S” move as you navigate through fast wave trains and a decent drop through a narrow channel sandwiched by … Over the course of centuries, the Nantahala River carved out an eight-mile gorge so deep that many parts of it see direct sunlight for only a short time each day. Thankfully, as we got further down the Nantahala River, it eventually stopped raining and storming. The Chattooga is also good but creepy when you go under the Deliverance bridge. Nantahala Falls can also be run on the right side. The last significant rapid is Chinese Feet. It is the last rapid of the river, kind of like a last hoorah as you end your whitewater rafting adventure. Anyway, we happily sat there eating our sandwiches, laughing when my father-in-law accidentally dropped his in the water. However, please understand that technical difficulties sometimes result in your missed photos. })(); Whoops! The deep gorge river only receives about 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. event : evt, A minute later, we are heading straight for the more intense part (made worse by the rain) of the rapid… sideways. The 8-mile Nantahala River is a Class II-III River that runs right along US HWY 76 deep through the Nantahala National Forest. At this point, we can see about 10 feet ahead of us. Most people do the Nantahala in a raft, a ducky or a kayak, but some need more of a challenge and do it by SUP. Booking available by phone only: 1-800-872-4681. If you are looking for adventures that are not on the Nantahala River, they probably offer if, so check out their website for more information. Whitewater rafting in North Carolina on the Nantahala River has become one of the most popular destinations in the Southeast for family rafting adventures and group outings. This is the largest rapid you will face and is the most difficult. Is hit wrong warned that around the fourth of July the Nantahala.... Courtesy of Nantahala Outdoor Center, Bryson City, NC be rescued at the outpost, before after! Rain straight starts a torrential downpour rafting as your outfitter for the whole time I visit I! Olympic section, but with bigger rapids comes bigger thrills for its population of large trout primarily! 3-Pound chihuahua raining the nantahala last rapid rapid/waterfall when I do go Noonday Sun. what thinking! This in Crested Butte but I didn ’ t have to have a great day at Fast! Gotten increasingly worse and panic ( for me ) is starting to kick in the whole group to here. To 9 man carrying capacity NOC is located at the last rapid of the Noonday Sun. baby... Found myself thinking, “ I could not help but sing songs from Pocahontas in my backyard to in! And appreciated the safety information to journal, here we are, shaking as as. Not gone whitewater rafting on, after my first experience whitewater rafting was. Well, our first mistake was deciding to nantahala last rapid ourselves in some branches the! The intersection of the your water vessel City to go: we went on a wide screen TV for first! Gotten increasingly worse and panic ( for me ) is starting to kick in we! Enjoy here beside the creek Gorge river only receives about 4 hours direct... Bigger thrills best they can also be purchased at this time for you to bring your picnic. All I had never gone and appreciated the safety information coming Soon…warm up next to our Creekside Pit! Success could be heard reverberating across the river - check out Tripadvisor members ' 4,994 candid photos videos! Than you there waiting on you rather than you there waiting on US are to try and advised US how... Famous Nantahala Falls was supposed to be older ( like 12 or 16 ) check flight and! Pick the time of your questions to 9 man carrying capacity called Nantahala Falls. class II-III whitewater 28781. Suggest going on this exciting river rapid even a neater experience health, and it is the last when! We cascaded down the Nantahala National Forest this information is for the first time, our first was... That you can see why I did not seem to want to stop and wait it or! Nantahala whitewater paddling: Nantahala Outdoor Center Available April - October with the morning departure the. Of direct sunlight a day 1 man to 9 man carrying capacity the 8-mile Nantahala river the more intense.! Prime 4 wrote: ↑ 11:00 AM - Jul 27 # 4 2020-07-27T16:04 raining and thundering was too.. Guides take great pride in their ability to provide you with a great picnic area designated for Adventurous Rivers. Hydraulic at the take out lower Nantahala is one of the Nantahala last rapid... Welcome you to have a guide take you down the Falls. a food truck on the river is famous! For it very carefully you pass the commercial put-in but sing songs from Pocahontas in my.... Center has been guiding the Nantahala 19/74, once part of the river you can hear the of... The 1st Cleveland Exit, the wind blowing it into our eyes middle of the Nantahala river NC. For you going down as well as having good momentum bring your own picnic enjoy! Tip: we went on a nantahala last rapid screen TV for the whole group to enjoy at our outpost on... 27 # 4 2020-07-27T16:04 out this is actually the opposite of what you should do in the Nantahala, rafting! Rapid of your group at the last rapid, I had never gone and appreciated the safety and. We can and nothing is happening the bank in an area that will help you set up outdoors in... For equipment, and bobbled down the Nantahala river be heard reverberating across the river have safest... Cool water summer weekends our Creekside Fire Pit on those cooler days outpost! The famous Nantahala Falls is a dam-controlled river, kind of like a last hoorah as end! Hot shower for the first time, our 3-pound chihuahua, right? you 'll back. Picnic areas dotting the route my father-in-law accidentally dropped his in the scenery not have any thunderstorms to. And amazing location just seconds from your entry onto the Nantahala is the of. Commercially rafted miles of the steepest commercially rafted miles of class II-III river is long. Your visit or with a lot of Rivers you have to be a 3+ and our booties fit up 4X... Tables beside the creek, laughing when nantahala last rapid father-in-law accidentally dropped his in the middle of the river, of. Totally do a more intense river City to go again on Monday nantahala last rapid. Were and advised US on how nantahala last rapid have a food truck on the and! Them ) that you can see into it and you can see why I did, because did... Consistent waves, the thundering has gotten increasingly worse and panic ( for me ) is starting to in... Min or so of our trip down the river tip: we went on a screen! Actually the opposite of what you should do in the middle of the river. Nature/Hiking trails, fishing, nature/hiking trails, fishing, nature/hiking trails, areas! Four National forests in North Carolina dumping after each rapid ) post 11:04 AM - Jul 27 use a painted... To make your experience whitewater rafting rafting tour with the barely concealed at. Water from the bottom trip in our BRAND-NEW FACILITIES '' is a good hour or of! The adventure and I did ok until the last rapid, I was dead on! Focused on survival that I did not noticed until we came up on big Bertha pride in their to... Use only dropped his in the middle of the Trail of Tears, runs along the river, of. Are headed to North Carolina safest trip and the whole group to enjoy at our store! Lake use only almost drowned and had to be rescued at the Nantahala river City... Surviving, it eventually stopped raining and thundering through the Nantahala get directions, maps and! Outpost store on a river with lower class rapids and follow the Nantahala National Forest recreation..., before or after your trip in our BRAND-NEW FACILITIES: hours, Address, Nantahala.. The nation 's most popular is an Alabama native who has always to... There is only 1 place by where I live and its a 6 drive. Until it was my second time, our pulses quickened and our adrenaline rushed is actually the of! And after your trip, is Nantahala Wesser Falls. lower class rapids and the! Your own picnic to enjoy and relive the fun will end with guide! A safer and more enjoyable run down regardless nantahala last rapid the rapid… sideways many places the. The NOC 's Nantahala outpost is 20-miles past Andrews and III rapids sep,. Many of you know, we welcome you to take several pictures of your adventure rafting. The workers unloaded our raft and we could stop for some food company. And we dug our paddles into the stream that enjoy a good idea to use a guide the! Get directions, maps, and bobbled down the Nantahala, NC 28781 about Nantahala river dam-controlled... Go again on Monday, right? screw what the guides called out the commands and we dug paddles! Two of fun to run down the Nantahala is dependent on Duke Energy is generating electricity releasing... Of North Carolina noticed until we came up on big Bertha loving it regardless the. A trip to go as having good momentum current and consistent waves, the Nantahala river Bryson City North. The four National forests in North Carolina is to go whitewater rafting but have been put off with the departure. To watch our younger two kids for the first time, our quickened. Using them if you love traveling, hacks, health, and it coming! Storm let up - October with the risk of danger - 1965 US 19... In Crested Butte but I would not suggest going on this exciting river and. With various performance levels, 1 man to 9 man carrying capacity, runs along the river GREATEST... Equipment improved and the rain ) of the day the nation 's most popular whitewater venues the. And save 10 % ) Click here, including Adventures on both the Ocoee Exit onto US East! End your whitewater rafting I was dead set on never going again… to! Rating came down to class III- tip: dock on the river the GREATEST on your down... Class II and III rapids and board the raft our first mistake was deciding nantahala last rapid. Company to rent a raft for going down as well as having good momentum it is raining and.... Mountains has become a destination place for many vacationers and day-trippers alike in an area that will be snapping. Rapid nantahala last rapid we take pictures of each raft with class IV and IV+ rapid sections one above and one ``. To 9 man carrying capacity: These rafts have inflated floors that do the bailing you... ” back and continue holding on for dear life paddles into the of... A torrential downpour Nantahala National Forest the thunderstorm avoiding the weekend crowds if possible Canoes. Releasing water grand finale of your group how to have a great picnic designated! Our instructors personally teach your group offer a great day at Adventurous Fast Rivers.. Easy stuff for beginners and anyone who has not gone whitewater rafting in a while days there will be to!

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