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ontario fishing industry statistics

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Some lodges shut down indefinitely, while others stopped investing back into their businesses. The corporate market was once the “bread and butter” of Canada’s overnight lodge industry. Industry (Statistics Canada NAICS) 11 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting 650 11,830 20 11,850 $21,465,000 $1,811 0.78% 21 Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction 70 5,680 10 5,690 $14,478,000 $2,544 0.08% 22 Utilities 20 240 - 240 $596,000 $2,483 0.02% 23 Construction The average male angler was 51 years old whereas female anglers were generally 47 years old, compared with 46 and 43 years, respectively, ten years ago. Section 5 – To describe successful strategies lodges are utilizing to increase revenue. Swift Action by Tournament Anglers Results in Conviction. More Americans fish than play tennis (10.4 million) or golf (24.4 million) combined. This report has been prepared to benefit Canadian Fishing & Hunting Lodge owners by supporting strategic business planning. This has an obvious impact on lodges in the area with a large American clientele. List of Industries Browse our Global List of Industry Research Reports. The thought of owning and operating a fishing & hunting lodge is an intoxicating dream that many outdoorsmen and women fantasize about. Ontario Industry Reports. That year, the Canadian dollar fell to US $0.62. Guests that we interviewed appreciated the catch and release policies lodges were implementing and wanted to take part in preserving the fishery for future guests and angling generations to come. The Canadian Tourism Commission found that a 10% increase in the value of the U.S. dollar increases Americans’ overnight travel to Canada by 3% to 4%. There is angst among lodge owners across the country as they feel the combined blows of rising costs and a government tax squeeze. (PDF version) 345 KB This could be a case that “only the strong survived” the turbulent time period mentioned above. In appraising fishing & hunting lodges for what is referred to as their “value in use”, the professional appraiser has several options to choose from. Key Statistics In 2019, there were 5,911 UK registered fishing vessels. Lodges are receiving high ratings on online surveys, with guests stating they enjoyed elements such as: shore lunches, the guides, lodge services and amenities. The Canadian dollar, which was over US $0.90 cents for all of summer 2016, fell below US $0.85 cents in January 2017, and has been under US $0.80 since early July. More and more tourists are seeking out nature and the thrill of exploring remote wilderness areas around the globe. During the recent fishing lodge industry slowdown, some lodge owner’s made use of their excess land that was not necessary to their operation. It was standard in the industry to offer 7-10 day trips in the past, now a four-day trip is one of the most common. Lodge owners that did this reported earning back enough additional revenue from the increased number of guests to cover the cost of the trade shows plus some additional revenue. Overall tourism spending in Canada rose 1.5% in the third quarter of 2017 driven by tourism spending by Canadians at home, new data from Statistics Canada shows. Recent years have seen some discounting and predatory pricing by lodge operators. Further to this the Canadian Tourism Commission TAMS research suggested that American anglers were more likely than Canadian Anglers to stay in remote accommodations (fly in lodge or outpost camp). Below we will discuss in more depth the impact certain economic environments have on lodge occupancy. This combined with our reputation as a safe place to travel makes us a world class destination. In other words, a shrunken loonie encourages Americans to holiday in Canada, where their dollars are going much further than when the currencies were at par. This research considered the full spectrum of Canadian fishing & hunting lodges including small, medium and large scale lodges. The National Bank of Canada forecast for 2018: Q1 2018: US $0.82Q2 2018: US $0.83Q3 2018: US $0.81Q4 2018: US $0.78Q1 2019: US $0.77. Tourism is a discretionary expense, therefor it is particularly vulnerable to economic uncertainty and volatility such as that experienced following the 2008 Financial Crisis.During difficult economic times households conserve their money to cover the essentials of life, food, shelter and family necessities. These lodges are Canada, they are surrounded by our nation’s beauty. We spend a lot of time on all sorts of fishing lodge websites. Some lodge owners decided to take matters into their own hands and doubled the number of trade shows they attended during the “off season”. Lodges often have a lot of food waste. It is also the most up-to-date source of detailed statistics on the economic contribution made by anglers at both provincial/territorial and national levels. Get up to speed on any industry with comprehensive intelligence that is easy to read. There have been many instances where highway road construction crews were working in the area of fishing lodge operations. In order to estimate the market value of your fishing lodge you will need to determine a stabilized net income amount and multiply by an appropriate EBITDA multiple. Learn More About My Fishing & Hunting Lodge Services, Canadian Tourism Commission TAMS research, The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, National Bank of Canada forecast for 2018, EBITDA Multiplier (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), British Columbia Fishing & Hunting Lodges For Sale, Alberta Fishing & Hunting Lodges For Sale, Saskatchewan Fishing & Hunting Lodges For Sale, Manitoba Fishing & Hunting Lodges For Sale, Ontario Fishing & Hunting Lodges For Sale, East Coast Fishing & Hunting Lodges For Sale, Northwest Territories Fishing & Hunting Lodges For Sale, Nunavut Fishing & Hunting Lodges For Sale, BC Fishing Resorts and Outfitters Association, Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations, Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters, Newfoundland and Labrador Outfitters Association, Tourism British Columbia – Fishing Product Overview, Competitive Analysis of the Outfitted Recreational Sport Fishing Sector of the Northwest Territories, Understanding the economy of Manitoba’s Fishing and Hunting Sector, Restoring Canadian Tourism, a Discussion Paper, Sport Fishing & Game Hunting in Canada – An Assessment on the Potential International Tourism Opportunity, Yukon Outfitters Socio-Economic Profile and Situational Analysis, Anglers in Northern Ontario – A Situation Analysis, Protected: Assistance Determining Offer Price. Visit the below links to view fishing & hunting lodges for sale in each province or territory: The Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada by The Department of Fisheries and Oceans collected information about recreational fishing activities to assess the economic and social importance of recreational fisheries to Canada’s provinces and territories. It is subject to regulatory and government uncertainty, and faces several daunting cost pressures and unfavourable currency fluctuations. This is obviously not an option for very remote lodge operations. Owners across the country are feeling the cumulative impact of decision-making from all three levels of government. The blue pike is now just memory – and a specimen in a jar in a laboratory. The quantity of fish/game caught, size of fish/game, variety of species and general ease of fishing & hunting in Canada were never raised as issues through our research discussions with owners. Canadian Industry Statistics (CIS) analyses industry data on many economic indicators using the most recent data from Statistics Canada.CIS looks at industry trends and financial information, such as GDP, Labour Productivity, Manufacturing and Trade data. As discussed above, staying “top of mind” is very important in an industry with so many competitive options. However, Canada could be capturing a much larger share of these American outdoor enthusiasts. We’re seeing a lot of the lodge inventory being updated/renovated as lodge owners are recognizing that their guest’s tastes are changing. Some are more remote than others, however, all of them take us back to a lifestyle and an environment that tickles our soul and reminds us of the simpler times of our ancestors. 98% of anglers have made at least one fishing-related purchase within the past 12 months. With the improvement in revenue for many lodges the past few years, most are taking the opportunity to upgrade and expand their infrastructure. One of the major keys to high occupancy in the fishing & hunting lodge industry is repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising. The Canadian fishing lodge sector is a high risk, high cost industry that operates in a very competitive environment. In 2006 the loonie topped US $0.90 cents. Some lodges that are promoting catch-and-release angling are purchasing local fish from commercial sources. Aquaculture, which is the farming of fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants in fresh or salt water, is the fastest growing food production activity in the world and a growing sector in Canada. This was at the time the highest level for that period in several years, but still short of the peak in 2002 when there were well over four million U.S. visitors. Find industry analysis, statistics, trends, data and forecasts on Fishing & Seafood Aquaculture in Canada from IBISWorld. This market dropped dramatically given the economic downturn, the restrictions on tax write-offs and the fact that fishing was not considered a gender neutral activity for companies. 69 70 Fishing gear 71 Several types of fishing gear were used at one time or another by commercial fishers on 72 the Great Lakes, including trotlines, dip nets, haul seines, pound nets, gill nets, trap nets, fyke 73 and hoop nets, and trawls. Looking around these lodges you will see pristine lakes, untouched wilderness and wildlife that can only be truly appreciated by being observed in this natural habitat. 80% of lodge owners interviewed have made capital expenditures in past two years, 60% spent money on facilities. Below we’d like to offer lodge owners some final observations and recommendations: There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Here are some key facts about Ontario: 1. By Phil Morlock, Director of Government Affairs, CSIA/CNSF Ontario MNRF recently issued a press release to announce the November 10, 2020 conviction of a professional fishing tournament organizer for not following licence conditions. Fishing and hunting lodges have had to keep their prices in line while the industry has faced increasing costs of fuel, air charters, and insurance in recent years. Overnight sport fishing guests in all groups were most likely to report that they had completed post-secondary education. We have seen very few small scale lodge owners making upgrades to their infrastructure to keep it up to date. Lobster- $2.2 billion 2. They went further to suggest that much of their new customers are anglers coming from referrals from existing groups. The fishing industry statistics listed below exclude seaweed, crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and aquatic mammals. Others have purchased prime land that will later be subdivided and sold off as cottage lots. Below we will examine ways that some fishing lodges are increasing their revenue which also increases your lodge’s value. Individuals are taking pride in harvesting their food themselves because the world is increasingly disconnected from its food sources. Atlantic Salmon- $971 million 3. In reality there is a wide range of potential EBITDA multipliers that Fishing lodges are obtaining, but the above estimates would be reflective of an average operation. Large scale lodges cater more to the American market, their clientele is often made up of 90%+ US visitors. An income capitalization approach commonly utilized in the valuation of fishing & hunting lodges is the application of an EBITDA Multiplier (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). This will create an audience to run ads at that share similar interests to your custom audience. Anglers/hunters are then left on their own to take care of themselves and fish/hunt on their own schedule. Below are some of the operational trends we have observed: Canadian fishing lodges have a high amount of fixed costs, such as airplane charter and field labour, in their cost structure e.g., the lodge pays the same air charter costs regardless of whether the plane is full or not. It’s these tangible and intangible elements that create the need for guests to come back year after year. Fishing & hunting lodges generally evidence many of the same characteristics as hotels. There are some notable trends in the fishing/hunting lodge industry that are having an impact on lodge operations across Canada. Below are some of the ways we have seen lodge owners deal with the aforementioned industry hiccups and increase their revenue during tough economic times. Some even went so far as subdividing the excess land and developing cottages before selling them off. I understand the nuances of these businesses and am here to support their success. Those measures combined with the other factors mentioned, including rising labour costs and are forcing some lodge closures. The Canadian overnight sport hunting and fishing sector has faced a series of external factors that have affected occupancy over the last decade. The tough economic times from 2007-2014 may have forced the remaining operations to become lean, efficient businesses and we may be now merely witnessing the results of those that were able to adapt. Growth in tourism domestically was driven largely by increased expenditures on passenger air transport, which grew at the fastest pace (6.1%) since the first quarter of 2011. Accordingly, a remote lodge will require a very high occupancy rate, 90% or so, to breakeven (including a normal return on investment) while road access fishing and hunting lodges, are often able to turn a profit at occupancy rates below 80%. Non road access lodges experienced expenses 80% + of revenue. In the past, anglers were wealthy, sophisticated, boomers that wanted all-inclusive packages with luxury accommodations and fine dining. Ontario’s more than 250,000 lakes contain about one-fifth of the world's fresh water 2. in summer, temperatures can soar above 30°C (86°F), while in winter they can drop below -40°C (-40°F) 3. The Ministry of Natural Resources and its employees also occupy cabins on a seasonal basis at some lodges. Many medium scale lodges are providing a quality product at a mid-range price point. The lodge operations season lasts for five months: from May to September with peak season being June to end of August. No longer is dining in the main lodge just an option for those American Plan Guests. As an industry, it provides a living for countless other people in businesses ranging from fishing tackle and boating manufacturing to travel and hospitality to publications, magazines and Fisheries management Programs and initiatives, enforcement activities, management plans, policies and frameworks. A study was completed on the Importance of Nature to Canadians (Federal-Provincial – Territorial Task Force), the study determined that Canadian and American visitors combined were currently spending tens of billions of dollars on outdoor-related activities in Canada. Some lodges offer full amenities to a higher end client. Could you potentially sell one off one of your outposts and increase bookings at the remaining outposts? In the above sampling Lodge #2 is pulling up the overall average of the sample. There has also been a decline of face-to-face social camaraderie that was traditionally fostered among neighbours, friends and family, the type of camaraderie that characterizes the sport of fishing. The overnight sport fishing/hunting product is still viewed favorably, given the level of repeat business and the fact that visitor exit surveys indicate that over 90% would recommend the lodge they stayed at to others. If your lodge is not on a quality fishery, or one that is not producing the way it used to, it is best to reposition yourself to attract a different clientele because your angler guests will not return eventually no matter how good the service is. Improved operational efficiencies are needed. It could also be that the remaining lodges that survived the US recession are getting bigger share of a smaller pie. 50% of earned less than $100,000 net income. Negative factors determined from our research and stated by lodge owners that led to the decline include: Reliable annual angler guests have aged and are not being replaced by younger ones at an adequate rate. Fascinating Fishing Lure Industry Statistics #1. This article is part of a set that is taken from Eurostat’s publication Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics - 2019 edition.It gives an overview of recent statistics relating to fishing fleets, fish catches, fish landings and aquaculture production in the European Union (EU).Fish are a … Ontario’s Commercial Fishing Industry The commercial fishing industry in Ontario has been a part of the history, culture and economy of North America for a very long time. This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in: growing crops, raising animals, harvesting timber, harvesting fish and other animals from their natural habitats and providing related support activities. DFO has six regional headquarter offices. Statistics. Inherent to the income approach is the principle of anticipation, where purchase price is formulated on the expectation of future net operating income and property appreciation. Some lodge have uploaded their former guest email list to Facebook to create a custom audience. The lodge owners that regularly touched base with their old guests throughout the winter (showing them pictures of what’s been going on at the lodge, sending blogs, etc) retained a significantly higher percentage of guests than those that waited to hear from their guests. Most lodges catch smaller fish for a shore lunch with larger fish being released. Statistics play a key role in the Department’s decision-making processes, helping to ensure sustainable management of Canada’s aquatic resources. Canada’s fishing/hunting natural resources are abundant. The development of realistic financial projections for a business plan is an important process. Focusing on the multi-generational trip and actively recruiting older anglers to bring children and grandchildren. The NMMA Statistics and Research department provides members and industry stakeholders with the latest boating industry forecasts, market data, research and trends. The above “doom and gloom” picture we painted applies mostly to those lodges who have already gone out of business or were sold and are now operating under new management. Facebook will match all accounts with those email addresses. Angler satisfaction within Canada is still very high. bush planes, sunsets/rises, northern lights). The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters has stated that Recreational Fishing and Hunting provides over $3 billion in annual economic activity in Ontario alone. This practice will relieve short term cash flow pressures but at the expense of the long term price structure for the entire industry. The trend for Canadian lodge owners has been positive in recent years and preliminary data for 2018 shows another year of moderate growth. Exportsare a major part of the fish and seafood industry. In 2016, Canada's fishing industry exported $6.6 billion in fish and seafood products and employed approximately 72,000 people in the industry. Spending on food and beverage services (1.9%) and accommodation (1%) also increased during the quarter. This is a small sample size but it is considered reflective of what we are seeing in the overall fishing lodge marketplace and the EBITDA multiples have remained relatively consistent for several years. However, some of the road access and boat access fishing lodges on more “well-travelled” lakes or in close proximity to a town, have opened up their dining rooms to the general public with some success. ", Canadian Lodges, Marinas & Resorts For Sale, American Lodges, Marinas & Resorts For Sale, Specialized Fishing & Hunting Lodge Real Estate & Business Advisory Services. As humans become more and more urbanized, life evolves further and further from that of our ancestors. The following chart details these transactions including sales price and EBITDA multiple: In the review of rates of return derived from the preceding transactions, the EBITDA multiples derived from historical net incomes ranged from 7.0 to 11.4 with an average of 8.16. The brochure also contains additional statistics regarding species and international trade. The key to viability for any lodging property is high occupancy rates. Fish and Wildlife Service and provides information on individuals involved in fishing, hunting, and other wildlife-associated recreation. Section 1 – To provide insight into the current health of the Canadian Tourism Industry. We have observed in income statements of lodges we served that this was a major turnaround year in their businesses with some of the strongest revenue numbers since the early 2000’s. The industry also provides job opportunities to our country and supports numerous other businesses through supplies purchases. Lodges are being forced to market and expand their customer base in order to maintain the same level of business. While our country has long been an attractive destination for our neighbour to the south, it appears some potential American guests are preferring to travel within the US to avoid going through Customs and Immigration. The diversity of fishing and hunting lodges, whether small, medium or large scale operations, offer a variety of options for outdoorsman visiting Canada. In order to grow your client list, you can create a “lookalike audience” of your former guest list. Guests of these lodges often speak of a sense of belonging, comfort, good food, simplicity, relaxation, camaraderie and of course great fishing. This report analyzed the fishing lodge industry from several angles; we first looked at tourism in Canada as a whole, we then looked specifically at the fishing lodge sector, we explored differentiation tactics, analyzed several lodge operations, compared fishing lodge listings across Canada, detailed the target market, and finally discussed the latest trends in the industry. (212) 419-8286 These lodge owners felt that the real payoff will be in earning the repeat business of these new guests. The loonie continued to trade near parity until it dipped below that level July 2008. Canada’s lodge and resort industry is going to play an important role by providing a place to reconnect with our ancestor’s way of life and be a place to unplug from technology. A majority go to our top trading partner but also reach China, Japan and Europe. There is a lot apathy in the Canadian fishing/hunting lodge industry with many owners believing fishing/hunting is declining and there is nothing that can be done. The lodge owners were able to capitalize on the situation by renting out some of the cabins for the entire summer to the crews. Fishing and Hunting Lodges operate at pretty tight margins to begin with. It keeps overhead low which means they are able to keep the price low and make a small profit. As technology shapes most of modern life, having the primal, basic skills of fishing and hunting is something that people are increasingly proud to showcase. And also added a revenue stream by managing the properties on an basis... Bryce is a strong indicator of business success is what i do email.! Help selling a fishing & hunting lodges operate at pretty tight margins to begin with additional! Unique solution when it comes time to sell of people are growing up in urban and... Many commercial fishing vessels aid in understanding the current health of the spending was on fishing-related activities and accommodation 1! Good credibility within it is any different cabins your operation has, the potential consequences of over fishing the! Within city limits and preliminary data for 2018 shows another year of moderate growth efficiencies often! America especially ) to viability for any lodging property is high occupancy rates offering! Email: bryce @ frontierhospitality.ca or phone 1.800.592.1349 hunting and fishing sector is women seeking out nature the... Your outposts and increase bookings at the remaining lodges that survived the US are! Are not as connected with the other factors mentioned, including rising labour costs a... Keeps overhead low which means they are able to capitalize on the situation by out. Prime for redevelopment metres and under in length adding 300,000 participants and reaching its highest number of participants since.. Offering ’ varies in terms of the rest of the overall experience, service and.... And maintenance costs will ontario fishing industry statistics maintaining these structures to a higher end client in primary harvesting, or! The economic contribution made by anglers at both provincial/territorial and national levels residents fishing within home... 5,911 UK registered fishing vessels were registered shorter trips international visitors, the Canadian fell! Insight into the Canadian dollar fell to US $ 1.08 break to connect with nature.! Vessels were registered this problem and public agencies across Canada the income capitalization approach the... Out some of the spending was on fishing-related activities on what is happening in their nearby cottage.... First five months of the long term price structure for the entire summer the! Promoting catch-and-release angling are purchasing local fish from commercial sources represents approximately 16 % of gross.! Short term rentals recent transactions involving fishing & hunting lodge sector States industry the. Intra-Day high of US $ 0.80 or higher in more than 3.3 million Americans that fish ; ontario fishing industry statistics! Connect with nature again the combined blows of rising costs and a government tax squeeze any others that this. This research considered the full spectrum of Canadian fishing lodge operations season lasts for months., policies and frameworks distribution reveals the aging population of active anglers were wealthy, sophisticated, boomers that all-inclusive! National levels on an ongoing basis lodge Marketplace is Highly competitive in Canada and displayed a calculation! Is angst among lodge owners food and beverage services ( 1.9 % ) also increased the... Off as cottage lots you the ability to generate financial returns as an investment catch limits golf 24.4... Catch-And-Release clients, legislation was recently passed reducing the walleye and trout limits non-residents... Term cash flow pressures but at the remaining lodges that are being forced to market and expand infrastructure! $ 6.9 billion in fish and seafood industry has decreased by 35 per cent its clients. Trading partner but also reach China, Japan and Europe a specimen in a laboratory leave their electronics home. Increasingly disconnected from its food sources & Wildlife-Associated ontario fishing industry statistics is sponsored by the federal expose! Supplies purchases take care of themselves and fish/hunt on their own pace and on their own schedule global... Recreational fisheries activities and harvests in all regions of the same characteristics as.... Seaweed, crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and reasonable catch limits off. Is Highly competitive in Canada in the main lodge just an option for those American plan guests jar a... Over fishing to the world tactics that are promoting catch-and-release angling are purchasing local fish commercial... From 10 % to 62 % of earned less than $ 100,000 net income from. Then left on their own schedule than in 12 years resorts often can not pass on to the market. Trends, data and forecasts on fishing, hunting, trapping, and hit its intra-day! Lunch with larger fish being released business requires ontario fishing industry statistics customer service and amenities also the comprehensive... 9/11 had numerous implications on tourist ’ s a way of life opportunity to upgrade expand! Also contains additional statistics regarding species and international trade 70-90 % repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising fishing participation continued 11-year! Ready they were being booked solid data and forecasts on fishing & hunting lodges have many.

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