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purina puppy feeding chart

29/12/2020 | Новини | Новини:

In the meantime their bodies and brains have to develop incredibly quickly, and plenty of high quality puppy food helps them to get there. Also, be aware there are some foods to stay clear of, such as never feeding your puppy raw meat. Make sure you feed the puppy away from the hustle and bustle of a busy house, where they can dig in, free from interruptions.Â. Send your clients home with all the information they need to have a winning start with their new puppies. Using a standard 8 oz/250 ml measuring cup which contains approximately 112 g of Pro Plan. These amounts are meant to be fed to your dog over a 24 hour period unless otherwise stated. In terms of how much you’re feeding your Cane Corso a day, Purina suggests feeding about 4 ¼ cups of dry food for a 100-pound dog. A favourite toy, a walk or a game is a great substitute! Keep moistened Pro Plan available at all times. If you’d like more information on Feeding Your Puppy or have any other queries, contact our Instead, begin offering less so your puppy doesn’t overeat and stays in ideal body condition. A happy and healthy pup needs both nutrition and a fair share of puppy exercise.

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