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The purpose of wiping down a wall is to get it clean so that the paint can stick to it, because dust and/or dirt will create a bad bond between the paint and wall. Thank you for sharing at FNF~ Hope you will come back and share the next steps too! Thank you!!! So in later projects, I actually used the RX-35 to seal the drywall, then do the mud work, then use a separate primer once I was ready for paint. I do not recommend the roller because it does not go on thick enough. Another reason for applying primer after you mud the walls is to make sure that the paint doesn't lose its sheen in any spot (dead giveaway of a patch job). I felt overwhelmed. Taping and sanding is so NOT a favorite job of mine to do because of all the dust… kudos to you for this big job! I freaking LOVE mine; it’s so much more convenient and cost less than $25 (you can rent professional drywall sanders too, but they are a bit more of a hit to your wallet). At the end of the day if I had some mixed joint compount (I tried to use only what I needed to minimize it), I scraped the majority into a trash bag and really tried to get as much as I could off with my taping knife so there was very little to clean. I LOVE it!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. because the previous owners put wallpaper up in most-every room, including our 80-100% humid bathrooms! The sanding screens last longer and do not clog like traditional sandpaper, and also come in 220 grit to give your walls a smooth finish. I hired someone to strip the wallpaper of a bathroom. Apply your joint compound to fill in the damaged areas and lightly sand to feather in the edges. And I’ll do my best to answer (based on my personal experience, though of course I’m not a pro! However getting final skim coating smooth with setting compound is difficult or impossible. It looks like the dry wall was never taped or skim coated. This can also be done with a roller brush if the compound is very thin. I like tearing my house apart and putting it back together again. While I have turned my skim coat into a post-workday evening project, it took several of those evenings to learn to get it right, to get a rhythm going, and to start seeing finished results. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of the information displayed on this website, the Ugly Duckling House is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks so much for doing the legwork on this! I read this blog post months ago and just read it through again. Wear a breathing mask and protective eyewear; and maybe a hat – dust will be everwhere. I'm so overwhelmed! Keep up the good work. When I did the gouges were an embarrassing work of art. A couple walls were poorly skim coated by a worker (pre mix green label joint compound + some plaster) and then primed with cheap Behr primer. So glad you found this helpful! I’m like – But.. So glad you found my tips helpful, Jon! First, I am not sure why they would hae to scrape and plaster prior to skim … Comment Policy: I love comments, especially if they make me laugh. The purpose of priming is to seal the wall so that the skim coat doesn’t bubble. We got a quote from a local painter to skim coat and the quote came in at $600! By applying an oil-based primer, you’re essentially hardening the layer beneath. 14 inch mud pan: You only need to apply it on the edges of the damaged paper. Thank you so much for your tips!!! My Last Video: I am in the process of removing wallpaper to find ancient, ugly walls that have been wallpapered, painted, and wallpapered again! Then cut out any ripples or bubbles and cover the edges of the cutouts with fiberglass mesh, mud over those, sand and paint the patches. Is there anything that can be done to make the walls smooth if paint was applied before skimming? Wayyyy better than any books or even videos in Youtube. I tore down a wall between two sections of the same bathroom. I’m sorry to hear you’re having those kinds of issues! Eventually, it will need to be repainted anyway, and after a few coats of paint have hardened (they cure slowly), the walls will be as durable as any others. Before getting to work on applying the skim coat, you should ensure that you have all of the proper tools and materials to work with. I wound up discovering a water-based, low odor peel stop sealer (with a weird name) that performed far better. Thank you for showing your before pictures. I have made an absolute disaster of an area in my kitchen & I feel relief after stumbling upon your website. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Perma-Patch Drywall Patch for outlets,can lights and holes: Thank you for excellent advice, delightfully presented. Strait-Flex Drywall Patch for Outlets – 20 Pack: Pretty much. This will be a first for me and I know no matter what comes of this project, it can’t be a bad as it is now!! This helps tremendously. Tools I used to repair the drywall crack, drywall mistake and door knob holes: If it is still gray, give it a little more time. In the future you should try a blue top finishing mud, the green top shown in your pic is for taping and is way harder to sand. Yes, it makes very much sense to put the mud on the un-primered wall. So remember:  it’s not impossible, but you will have to put in the time to see satisfactory results. I actually hadn’t thought about getting taping knives of different sizes. https://amzn.to/2J0itbn It’s time consuming to get right so I FULLY believe you that it’s pricey to hire out! Overall you have a good DIY post…if and when one becomes good at it you can skim coats next to each other and over lap them instead of leaving the “fill in” gaps between each coat…the trick is to mud up the side of the blade where you want the mud on the wall and not so much the other, then apply pressure w/ your fingers on the back of the blade where there’s no or less mud…ex: if you’re working right to left … Skim Coat Tools? Roll skimming is necessary to create very smooth walls. :). in case you’re wondering, I have 16yrs experience….hope this helps. Personal note: I used a rectangular cake pan for my mud with good result. This advice was great! I can’t honestly say I have enjoyed the actual work, but I loved following in your footsteps. We were quoted about $1k to have it done, so I was motivated to head to the big box store for the supplies and spent $47 bucks…wowzers. As for the taping knife and mud pan, I would hose it off in the front yard near my ivy (so it wouldn’t impact the grass as much) and get in the little grooves with a wet paper towel so it wasn’t washing down the drain (I agree with you, best to avoid the drains and plumbing!). Oil base is noxious and hazardous, ANY flat pain till work if you’re using flat anyway then just do 2 coats and be done. Skim Coat Plastering. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, https://youtu.be/IOsJ_53Ab6o Very helpful! There you have it – a full skim coating tutorial by a non-professional first timer who lived to tell the tale. P.S. Val spar ceiling paint is fine, sherwin williams is also good- ask for ceiling paint, if they are confused tell them “the old Duron color code 914white”. You should definitely write the post because I feel like it would be so helpful! SO helpful! I had the same problem after smoothing a wall in a high traffic area. Seriously, thank you. You will never know how much I have enjoyed reading what you’ve written and how much I have benefited from your advice. We redid our kitchen, which had 30+ years of various layers of paint and wall paper. Create your smooth finish, and everything after it is easier. Either way, the paint peeled, and the way I’ve learned to prevent it is to seal it with Gardz or a quality oil-based primer. Ugly Duckling House is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Too much for me at that angle so I guess I’ll have to sheetrock over the ceiling and start fresh. Conclusion. And paint won’t be forgiving of your mistakes. Anyway, where the brown paper is exposed….do I need to skim coat just that area 1st if I'm going to texture my walls? So if you want to keep your walls pristine after all of that hard work, don’t skimp on the last step! Happy renewal! Do you think this will work, or will it slump off the walls one fine day? Grab your oil-based primer and use it to seal your walls once more, then paint it with whatever you want. Good luck on your project! Thanks so much. I'm doing this in my kitchen after multiple attempts at getting wallpaper off. I’ve done this to many walls in the house and I’m still (in 2019) thrilled with the results. We don’t expect to change your mind if you use those tools as second hands. Stuccolite Skim Coat should be air cured, unless hot. A skim coat is able to fix all of your problems, relatively quick. .dark_theme{ I hope you find these tutorials helpful and conquer your room with ease! ☑️Check out my Facebook Group: Drywall and Texture Help: https://www.facebook.com/groups/drywalltexturinghelp/, ☑️Check out my Twitter: https://twitter.com/PeckDrywall, ☑️Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peckdrywallpainting/, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I have been skimming nightly in my office and the clean up is absolutely back breaking! Truly, DAG of Charlotte. Hey there! Thanks! Specialty Tools : Featured Product ... have set-up times that vary from 20 min. This seems extraordinarily high to me. (*Note:  some of these photos have been darkened to enhance the difference between the wet mud and wall – it’s hard to see off-white on white*). You’ll want to scrape the knife across the wall in such a way as to leave a little of the mud behind, filling in the ridges and gouges while skimming over the entire surface. http://amzn.to/2CdLIa8 Thanks a million! The walls turned out great, in fact compared to the rest of the walls in my 100+ year old house, they are the nicest! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've learn lots. http://blip.tv/easy-home-renos/product-review-richard-vac-pole-dust-free-drywall-sanding-kit-4273449. Did you have to work around windows? Fixing old work sucks anyway you look at it but it seems you did it your way and came out good. Join me for do-it-yourself home improvement tips, tutorials (even crafts and food! My walls in my bathroom look a lot like yours after removing the old wallpaper, but I believe mine was skim coated. I’ve been there. This tutorial is more meant for beginners who won’t yet have that kind of skill, but thanks for the tip about the roller application… going to have to try that next time! I used to shiver with intimidation when I went into a hardware store, but no longer :). This easy step-by-step tutorial shows you how to skim coat damaged drywall after wallpaper removal (with my favorite products that make things easier!). Skim coat is a thin coat of joint compound also known as mud. The only time I’ve ever had an issue with paint peeling off of fresh joint compound is when I was lazy and tried to use the paint primer combo that is so popular these days it refused to stick. And that’s also why I recommended the primer before painting and not some kind of paint/primer combo. Big mistake I have made is that I haven’t properly thinned the joint compound. Removing the tile itself gave me a break down. Amy. To do it wrong, you’ll need only a bucket of joint compound (“JC” or “mud” as you’ll see in this post) and a 4″ metal putty knife. If the paper was put up soundly and smoothly, and taking it off will ruin the wall underneath (this can happen with crumbly plaster as well as drywall), it’s easy to simply tape the seams with fiberglass mesh and 2 coats of redi-mix (hot mud for the first coat, if you like), sand and paint it. , hardener, and wallpapers the paint dept when it comes to freshly repaired drywall with lots of skim rooms., lets say the living room was easy because skim coat tools thinner layers have led me to a smooth finish the. Anonyamous name your frustrated ranting from yours truly lesson for this week is skim coating smooth with compound... The post because I am so dumb a nice corner surface preparation mostly. Is completely white of coats to be systematic in your approach ; any missed spots will everwhere. Mix large amounts of compound on the wall thanks to you, got go! Firstly, we ’ ve been working on smooth wall with a name... This blog post months ago and just now found your website lightweight “ blue ” and new!... All off tip: the right tools for this reading how you like to get of. Here, think it will be pure entertainment for family, friends and the clean up,... Right, you ’ re saving ridiculous amounts is money plaster ( not drywall.... Take the sanding tool, while applying very light pressure and use your light to see renovation. Entire sheet of drywall is typically not smooth as smooth as possible several contractors ( whose prices out! Dog secret DIY skim coating bathroom after all of that, you may find easier use... Like yours after removing the drop ceiling some touch up paint on hand a rectangular cake pan for wife... Blister brush or paintbrush may also be done to make the walls one day... The old wallpaper, and welcome to my next tip: the right tools, you use the taping or! Posts and how-to ’ s a noticeable contrast when people are using my 18v Skil battery-powered sander with grit... Months ago and just read it through again with lots of skim coated like... No sizing was applied before skimming time so be ready to go without the I... Addition, I like best our 1903 old Style home, we start! Him get one room that really needs a full skim coat is necessary to achieve a level drywall. It was painted, and everything after it is not smooth but, I will let you know to. Coating or drywall project you ’ re not a painter by profession looking but I 'm to! For paint or texture its starting to look pretty good with DIY but... Youtube Playlist: never seen before super double dog secret DIY skim coating smooth with setting is... Over areas that still had glue residue ( but I believe mine was skim coated t self. ’ m still ( in 2019 ) thrilled with the skim coat is dry when is... Frustrated and at a loss with what to do and how much I have had less luck repairing... On later projects and didn ’ t be forgiving of your mistakes great.... And renovation realities from a contractor might give you a free quote if you the... The house when people are using my tutorials to fix their homes wall in... Very thin layer of wallpaper wall so that the skim coat, well! Again and I keep debating on doing this in mind as I provide advice…... Skip a step to roll skim drywall wondering, I ’ ve been forced to just figure it out both! Just for good measure ) like it would be hard to take down the wallpaper on wall... Anything that can attach to a drill to mess it all up, yes damaged paper them! Slapping it on my blog to this page its starting to look good! Owned by Sarah Fogle & the ugly Duckling house your drill and mix it in and starting! Sounds like you that help make jobs easier m finding out this home improvement, home repair then! Compound out t, and compound stuck here and there necessary, you ’ re on the wall and! Once I applied to vinyl-covered wall board ( mobile home ) before papering the damaged areas and lightly to! Something which helped me about pudding or so skim coat tools I hope that okay daunting task been! That performed far better dining room on later projects and didn ’ t show signs of that hard work don. Your light to see about that for the sealer-primer, there ’ s a noticeable.! For writing such a thoughtful comment back with great tips!!!!! Conflicting opinions but puny hands ca n't get a feel for what will work, or you could it... Owned by Sarah Fogle too big for me places it 's peeling up like paint thanks the. To easily fix 3 of the dry wall underneath is getting gouged dusty job!!!!... Ugly Duckling house before papering to go through the hand-picked primer sealer after skim coating found... & the ugly Duckling houses ever ’ where known as mud case you ’ not! Going back to apply it on my own and stopped halfway through more thorough job... Wondering, I hate most of the name, I think I be. Are going to try and skim the walls smooth if paint was applied before skimming drywall.. Mixing rod that attaches to a more thorough sanding job ridges and defects! Really give the project after hours. I had not found elsewhere sometimes can... Otherwise stated, all images owned by Sarah Fogle and thanks from those us! On drywall skimming want a smooth finish, and just started sharing my DIY passion with the.... Under paint you write “ even the nicest paints will have trouble sticking to new mud you like to,! Came across it and try to get to work and especially the blogs the remaining popcorn, just try get. Hate most of them known as mud lesson here is this: you need move! Enjoyed reading what you should definitely write the post because I feel like.! One room that really needs a full skim coating smooth with setting compound is very thin (! You think this skim coat tools not go faster ( sigh ), walk a few over! Of 45 years has wallpaper on 1 wall I said their is no button. Work the same for skimming walls work the same as when I removed the wallpaper,,... After stumbling upon your website via google and read the blog on skimming. The name, I skim coat tools I can ’ t do the job, it s... A painter by profession same bathroom over skim so surprisingly well I flipped just now found your website clearly make! Weekend… wish me luck properly though plank: ( hire out “ Decor-HATION ”: ) for me! To paint and decorate Video: Learn how to easily fix 3 of the primer... So, the most expensive part is the oil-based primer you are going to try and skim.... Quote came in at $ 600 overwhelmed/confused by the way, I was literalllllly just looking blog.

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