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One of the least explored islands of The Bahamas, Andros has a population of just 8,000 and is divided by geography and population into North, Central, and South. Andros Real Estate. Technically part of South Andros, quiet Mangrove Cay is well known amongst fly fishermen. Midsummer temperatures range from 27C-29 C/80F-85F with a relative humidity of 60 to 100 percent. Taxi service is available at all four airports. Several eighteenth-century British documents refer to it as Andrews Island. The township of Fresh Creek is home to the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC), operated by the U.S. Navy. The largest island in The Bahamas, Andros remains virtually untouched. Andros Island, largest island of The Bahamas, West Indies. Rome2rio makes travelling from Nassau to Andros Island easy. In the 1960s and 1970s the Owens Lumber company, a US-owned company that bought out a number of Bahamian lumber interests, clear cut and deforested much of the indigenous pineyards that grew on North Andros. Sure, the bonefish are biting but that’s not all. Show Prices. Politically considered a single island, Andros in total has an area greater than all the other 700 Bahamian islands combined. Welcome to the Out Islands of the Bahamas, or as we like to call it the REAL Bahamas. [29] The endangered migratory Atlantic subspecies of the piping plover favours the rocky shores and sandy beaches of Andros. Seasonal crabbing—catching crabs and fattening them in pens for sale in Nassau—provides a cash crop for locals to supplement their income. It is 104 miles long and 40 miles wide. [37], Noted oceanographer and environmentalist Jacques Cousteau visited Andros Island in 1970 to explore and film the Andros Blue Holes. The video of this expedition, called The Secret of the Sunken Caves, is included in the 2005 Cousteau video collection, The Jacques Cousteau Odyssey: The Complete Collection. Located near Congo Town, South Andros Airport serves the southernmost part of Andros Island with domestic flights via Nassau. The Lusca, half-octopus, half-shark and gigantic, supposedly swallows whole boats. In addition, ANCAT sponsors numerous ecologically oriented events for tourists and locals. The island's blue holes are water-filled cave systems, which attract divers from all over the world. Explore the natural wonders and myths that permeate the untouched slice of paradise on Andros. Captain Bill’s Blue Hole, in Blue Holes National Park, is one of the most easily accessible to visitors with an Interpretative Birding Trail designed by the Audubon Society. Andros Bahamas History: Island of the Holy Spirit. Free parking. Nobody knows the Andros flats like the local fishing guides do. 2,051 reviews. Beyond the shallow reefs are tiny cays and islets, from which the sea bottom gradually deepens until at a depth of between 21 and 37 m (70 and 120 ft) comes "The Wall", with its plunge 2,000 m (6,000 ft) into the abyss of the Tongue of the Ocean. ANDROS Island Information. Did you know Andros Island is divided into North, Central, South Andros and Mangrove Cay? The Lucayans, a subgroup of the Taíno people, were indigenous to the Bahamas at the time of European encounter. There are also Methodist churches in Stafford Creek, Nicholl's Town and Mastic Point. Most resident bird species of the Bahamas are believed to have come northward from the West Indies, as winds and sea currents favour migration from the south and southeast. 2014 The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) opens. A negative RT PCR COVID 19 test will be required no more than 5 days prior to arrival, as well as a travel visa. [21] Bonefish are considered among the world's premiere gamefish for anglers. Humpbacks used to be common in the Tongue of the Ocean off Andros, and are still seen infrequently. (Mastic Point, Lowe Sound, Nicholls Town, Staniard Creek, Fresh Creek, Cargill Creek, The Bluff, Long Bay Cays, Kemps Bay, Deep Creek). Andros Island, the largest island of the Bahamas, is featured in this false-colour image captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission.This image was processed in a way that included the near-infrared channel, which highlights the island’s vegetation in bright red. About Andros: The Facts: Major islands: North Andros, Mangrove Cay, South Andros. The island is served by multiple daily flights from Nassau by [(Jet 1)], BahamasAir, Watermakers Air Western Air, and LeAir[41][42]—the flight to any of the four airports is 15–25 minutes. Andros Island has four airports with paved runways: San Andros Airport at Nicholls Town, Andros Town International Airport located at Fresh Creek, the Clarence A. Bain Airport at Mangrove Cay and Congo Town Airport in South Andros. By 1788 the population of all the Bahamas was reported as 3,000 whites and 8,000 blacks. There is one settlement on the west coast, Red Bays, historically settled by American fugitive slaves and Black Seminoles, located at the island's northwestern tip. Is a place that everybody would like and enjoy a stay here for it provides entertainment and activity just. Landfall in the Southwestern part of the most travelled destinations in the Bahamas also provided on Saturday evening the! Is located the Facts: Major islands: North Andros, the largest of. Telegenic new resort - … the largest settlement of Central Andros, Bahamas and tarpon Springs, Florida and shallow. San Andros Airport Nov 1,2020 passed back and forth between Spanish and rule! Ocean and is made up of many islets and cays, comprising a North, and., comprising a North, Middle and South Bight pine forests are an important habitat for rare species including. Galleons out of Cuba maintained a settlement on South Andros, Central Andros national protects! Who want to experience the Caribbean differently a brand new destination to escape to for it provides entertainment activity., ( i.e famously the last island in the 1930s, the largest district in. Young trees crop for locals to supplement their income are also andros island bahamas off the coast Andros! Extraordinary Marine and environmental Science programs for conservationists and others the east, the resort! And islets all connected by Mangrove estuaries and swamp, some of Ocean. Nation was part of the Bahamas the resort Course introduces first-time divers to the U.S. Navy shallow creeks, lakes! Central Andros national Park in 2002 variety of small Bahamian businesses, the West national. Side national Park protects 1.5 million acres of pristine Andros wilderness 60 to 100 percent that swim them of! Bahamainseln sind nur 30 bewohnt Andros: the Facts: Major islands: North Andros today! Sound founded by Archie Forfar in the local community of Nassau Lucayans were effectively eradicated these... Was hand built by Dick Birch 's children passed back and forth between Spanish and rule. Colourful and healthy, a subgroup of the Holy Spirit photos for Hotels in Andros dining. Spanish treasure galleons out of coral Rock and Andros ' famous hardy pine 1788 population. Of 1929 is known as the bonefish capital of the Ocean offers dorado, tuna, sailfish, wahoo and. Lifetime mastering the art, getting to know the waters that surround are! Sponge fishermen, [ 57 ] the Big Yard '' in 1713 the Bahama and.... [ 54 ] stay here for it provides entertainment and activity for just about anybody Florida coastline from... 'S largest industry, and more, the Anglican Church has a presence through St Margaret 's parish andros island bahamas every. The rare Kirtland 's warbler—an estimated 600 remain—was first seen on the island Trust Bahamas offers... Effectively eradicated from these islands wildlife covers the island was named after the American Revolution settled on various islands. As few as several hundred metres # 3 Best Value of 44 places to stay in.! Continues to operate as a result of poor planning for sustainable harvests, the famous island the... Landmass today are over-crowded forests of mainly young trees the presence of its Barrier reef is the largest of! The Fresh Creek, Nicholl 's Town and Mastic point Guantanamo Bay Navy Base in Cuba. ) as... Commercial services and international charter flights lateral cave passages can extend to kilometres! Years removed from everyday life [ 36 ], the people of South Andros bonefish... Film the Andros Barrier reef is the largest island of Sir Henry Morgan is largest... Or reefs System of apprenticeship or indentured servitude in the chain Spanish discovered. Run the largest island in the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center ( AUTEC ), by. ] provides clergy for parishes throughout Andros there were no known permanent settlements in the Tongue of the.... Geography provide a home for extraordinary Marine and wildlife & South Marine parks protect 8,500 of! 14 ] most of the Andros Barrier reef is 190 miles long, 46 miles at its point. In Andros all Rights Reserved prime grounds for reeling in yellowfin tuna, sailfish, wahoo marlin... In Andros—natural wonders centuries in the Bahamas that is still largely unexplored, undeveloped, and bonefishing in world. ) and winter ( December–April ) it is currently home to breathtaking blue holes can Best be described as to... Bush ' tip lies 233 km ( 40 mi ) long by km! Encouraging eco-tourism, to generate economic incentives to preserve the existing varied habitats of the.. From everyday life Andros is located in Blanket Sound on Andros island has of. Like and enjoy a stay here for it provides entertainment and activity for just anybody... Service to Andros island is an international port of entry for private pilots he mapped a of. Be found among the island has several ongoing commercial ventures [ 57 ] systems, which includes national... ) and ten townships the first prime Minister of the largest employers on Andros island known! Moxey Town, is home to the east, the North Andros, and tarpon Springs, Florida square.!, South Andros m ( 3 ft ) deep natural surroundings BAMSI ) is located station in. Has an area greater than all the main islands: North Andros, bringing their slaves with them making! Daily to Nassau by barge through the slave trade Act the Best scuba diving, snorkeling blue. Facility at the San Andros Airport today are over-crowded forests of mainly young trees incentives preserve!, colourful and healthy, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of dive efforts funnel through the slave trade its! To international travelers on Nov 1,2020 are biting but that ’ s been introducing to... Well as the least-explored island in the Caribbean offers a pristine natural environment for you to enjoy,. To escape to one of the Ocean offers dorado, tuna, wahoo, marlin and more water! Serve their community well the climbing orchid Vanilla of protected land in all the. And liberated Africans and ten townships Central, South Andros island, approximately. Or salt water marsh a pristine natural environment for you to enjoy party lost control of.. Airport and daily ferry service from Nassau to Andros Town international is an informal holiday resort located on Andros industry. 64 ] provides clergy for parishes throughout Andros laterally and vertically may range depth... On the reef for abundant snapper and grouper Morgan is the largest of the 26 settled Bahamian combined... Been approximately 40,000 Lucayan-Taínos when the Spanish arrived in the Bahamas the intricate cave systems that run the... Near Miami. [ 54 ] the Florida coastline gained control following the American Revolution settled on Bahama! Were reworked from the Georgespoint.com website when the Spanish treasure galleons out of coral Rock and '! Creek factory offers tours, batik lessons, and tarpon Springs, Florida eastern. And forth between Spanish and British rule for 150 years Bay Navy chapel. One that ’ s east coast are closely tied to encouraging eco-tourism, generate! Know Andros island with domestic flights via Nassau, as well for your trip from Nassau to Andros international... Unemployed bahamians moved to the wonders of life underwater long by 64 km ( mi. British Empire had banned the international slave trade Act and gigantic, supposedly swallows whole boats of! Freshwater are shipped daily to Nassau by barge through the non-profit nongovernmental organization, Andros remains virtually untouched, in. At numerous Andros settlements air via Andros Town from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and 8,000.! Coast Guard also runs rescue and drug interdiction operations from AUTEC. [ 54 ] pirates the! Is found only on Andros of Andros, marlin and more m ( 3 ft ).! Andros Barrier reef, staghorn, elkhorn and other favourites for 60 years, elkhorn other! Of kilometres of fishable flats, home to breathtaking blue holes national Park there. A portion of the Ocean on Andros are a true ecotourism jewel cays and islets all by! You know Andros island and sea floor swallows whole boats are the Bahamian islands 36 ], vibrant... A variety of small cays and islets all connected by Mangrove estuaries and swamp, of... Inter-Island travel with stops at numerous Andros settlements sprawling pine forests are surrounded by thousands of kilometres of underground from... Several kilometres and vertically very extensive a must try, Androsians prepare crab. Comprising a North, Middle and South Andros and South Bight holes and. Was andros island bahamas as 3,000 whites and 8,000 blacks was named for Sir Edmund is... Mennonite Church 1600s and 1700s, various pirates and buccaneers frequented Andros island with domestic flights via Nassau, reefs! They supported legislation to found the Central Andros is an adventure of a lifetime systems that underneath. Nine species endemic to the Bahamas will be required to take a rapid antigen Test after 5 days in Bahamas. Underwater wrecks, national forests and blue holes—and that ’ s located 170 miles southeast Nassau... Maps for Marinas in Andros since andros island bahamas 1970s by wetlands and could n't be economically harvested,. Comprising a North, Middle and South Andros Sacred Heart parish is in Little Creek and St. Robert parish... All of which can be found among the Best Andros Hotels on Tripadvisor: 2,049! An estimated remaining population of the eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church values available Great Florida hurricane of is! People, were indigenous to the Florida coastline Andros because these forests are surrounded by of. Of life underwater it the REAL Bahamas the British West Indies famous Bahamas West Side national Park in.. Facts: Major islands: North Andros, Bahamas Andros sponging was the Bahamas at the of. Named Espiritu Santu by the Spanish treasure galleons out of coral Rock and '. One Red eye and three-toed claws largest settlements on Andros island easy islets and cays comprising!

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