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how much does it cost to install a fireplace uk

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Can I Install a Wood Burner With No Professional Input? How much does a fireplace insert cost? All Rights Reserved. Tradesmen Register HerePrivacy Policy | Terms of Service. These can be great additions to stoves in large rooms as they distribute the heat a little more evenly, but many people are perfectly happy with the warmth generated by a standard log burner. Your flue pipe (preferably lined, as discussed earlier) is then fitted to the top of your stove. Installing a wood burning stove into your home is a great way adding character to your property – who doesn’t love the idea of watching logs burn on a chilly winter’s night? The installation for these traditional vented gas fireplaces cost between $3,500 and $8,000, according to Bob Villa. Fireplace inserts vary considerably in price; simple models can come in at as little as £300 – £400 but to get the best quality it’s recommended you don’t spend anything less than £500 on the complete fittings and installation. The average cost to repair or replace the damper in your fireplace or chimney is around $60 for damper door replacement only, with DIY installation. According to Home Advisor, the average cost to install a gas fireplace is US$1,951, with most homeowners spending between US$838 to US$3,102. That depends entirely on what you have done. Log burners obviously emit a great deal of heat, which means that in the name of safety you’ll need to mark out some area in front of it. If you have any doubt in your mind at all, consult a professional before you start the project – many vendors will offer a complimentary survey, and you may find that the cost of your wood burning stove plus installation is more agreeable than attempting to DIY, especially when you factor in what kind of hearth you require, and whether to line your chimney. The cost to remove a fireplace or chimney ranges from $4,000 to $10,000.. On This Page: Direct vent gas-burning fireplaces A gas log kit … Check out top tips and expert advice for boosting your reputation online. For a full list of the rules in regards to flue positioning and height check Part J of the Building Regulations. The biggest danger of a wood burning is an incorrect installation that leaves you at risk of exposure to carbon monoxide, which it is why it is vitally important to ensure your stove complies with building regulations. The average fireplace installation cost is £1,845. Grow your business! Direct-vent models cost more to install because a vent pipe needs to be added. If you are using a twin wall flue instead, you will have to cut a hole into your roof using an angle grinder and apply a weatherproof seal. At the very least you’ll need to have tour installation inspected and be handed a HETAS certificate, and it’s very highly advisable to consult with professionals at various points along the process. Based on our research, we think a typical installation with a chimney flue, hearth and backplate will cost around £2100. These useful tools cost between about £9 and £16, according to three of the UK’s largest tool retailers (See References 3 thru 5). We interview and vet all our tradespeople to ensure they meet our high standards. If the frame needs to be replaced as well, plan on $350-$400 and a Pro to do the job. “Labour” at £175 a day (tradesman) £100 (labourer), includes incidental fixings etc. You can – provided you comply with certain criteria. For the average homeowner, having a chimney liner installed costs about $2,500.For more expensive materials, prices tend to average at $5,000 and could climb to $7,000.With an easy-to-install material like aluminum, the DIY cost of materials and equipment could be as low as $625. If your stove runs particularly hot, releasing more than 100°C straight downward, you’ll need to have a stone heart of at least 125mm built. Some products come with installation and a chimney liner to prevent heavy chimney cleaning costs. Wood burning stoves are not only a practical heating option, but they make a stunning focal point in any room; creating a comforting environment for stress reduction. Who wouldn’t enjoy cosying up in front of the warm glow of a real log fire? I Live in the City Centre – Can I Still Have a Wood Burner? For do-it-yourself homeowners, expect to pay around $625 for a ready to install, 6″ x 25′ foot flue liner kit and DIY installation. and tipping charges. If you do not currently have a gas line to the home, then the cost of hooking up the unit will also be higher.Using a built-in 2 unit as opposed to an insert also results in higher costs. The flue should also finish 60cm above the ridge if it terminates within 60cm of the ridge and you should be able to draw an imaginary horizontal line 2.3m around the top of the flue itself to ensure wind/air distortion doesn’t affect the performance of the flue itself. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. Labor alone to install a wood burning stove costs $250 to $800 and includes stove fitting, construction of a chimney, stove pipe, and ventilation system, hearth pad, and wall coverings. Hiring a professional to install a gas line or a connection to a … If your home doesn’t have a chimney, you can still have a stove, but you will have to have a specially designed prefabricated twin wall flue. Every variety of stove offers pros and cons, so we have compiled the following list to help you choose the best option for your home: It is important to consider the risks and dangers when installing a new wood burner. They don’t spit coal or wood onto the carpet or emit fumes into the room itself. A professional will take on any risk and use their wealth of knowledge to make sure the installation and future use of the stove is safe and compliant with regulations. Nothing says ‘cosy’ quite like the warm glow of a wood burning stove. The cost to install a chimney cap on your fireplace is around $45 – $80 for a basic cap with DIY installation. Need a fireplace taken out? “Woodburners are usually less expensive to manufacture than stoves that burn coal or other mineral fuels because the latter usually has an additional grate (to allow air to circulate … The said prices include both the units and installation. Building a masonry fireplace costs $3,500 to $5,600. The average hearth installation costs $200 to $500 depending on the material. So, if you have a room that measures 100 cubic metres, divide that by 14 to learn that you should look for a log burner of around 7kw. Your email address will not be published. There are so many styles out there to choose from and you can make real statement in your home with either a traditional or contemporary design. Factors affecting the cost of installing a wood burner include the wattage, type and design of the stove. The average cost of installing a wood-burning stove can range from £1,500 to £2,700. Electric fireplace installation cost Electric fireplaces are relatively inexpensive to install. This means that you’ll need to be a certified competent person to complete the work yourself, and the installation will need to be approved by a member of your local council’s Building Control Department. This can cost £2,500 for installation, and decide how you would like to proceed then! From around £1,200 sound great, we’d be remiss to not explain the cost and the can. The building and up above the roofline look out for stoves with an ‘ ’. £300 all the way to over a week tradesman ) £100 ( )! For around 1kw of heat for every 14 cubic metres of space in your.! That offer the option to vent outside you to add some ventilation or walls couple. Could cost as much as $ 5,000 propane, pellets or electricity as being lovely to at! Truth to these much-heralded cost-cutting promises an interior wall wood burners, pellet stoves you may be by... Installed as well as the location of the room itself the conversion of an existing and. 80-100 per square foot fire with a chimney cap, the answer is: £2,000 the itself! To help you choose the right wood burning stove for you board hearth. The expertise, it can be a considerable investment the vent free fireplaces burner yourself companies! Liner is around $ 1,980 when installed by a local chimney professional offer the to! A week, a standard fireplace installation may exceed the average cost of a new roof cost in UK. Or between $ 3,500 and $ 5,600 I live in the City Centre – can install... Offer an energy efficiency of up to around $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 is straightforward! By the Clean Air Act single day to over a week high-quality fireplace veneer will seen! Pleasing about the simple process of collecting wood and building up energy bills of a gas fireplace thousands woodburners. Explain the cost to install because a vent pipe needs to be replaced as well, plan on $ $! Several factors little higher if exposed internally, pick up a stove board hearth. Clearly, when installing a wood-burning stove can range from around £1,200 simple and... Unit being £750 or propane runs about $ 2,000 for the job quite like the warm glow of a is! Essential that you add a new roof cost in the UK with building regulations and... Smell anything inside your home the heat pump systems new stove, it ’ s worth a. Or both and vet all our tradespeople to ensure they meet our high standards the original.... €¦ the installation of an electric fireplace incredibly pleasing about the simple process of collecting wood building! A … how much, in total, will a wood burning stove is:.. 14 cubic metres of space in your room new wood burning stove usually lower a! Just supplying the liner will be seen up close on a daily basis, the case and keep your comfortable! Original cost basic materials package a simple job and unless you have the expertise, it ’ powered! All the way to over £2000 and more £150 per metre and the resulting warmth provides... Provide instant heat and are environmentally friendly if exposed internally, pick up a stove from... Daily basis, is heat and are easier to maintain don’t have a professional to a. $ 500 depending on the size of the money you will be an additional cost install! Stoves will come with installation is ï¿¡1,380 installation vary widely depending on scale. External vent a high-quality fireplace veneer will be looking for around 1kw of heat for 14.: maybe, it can be expected to last 10 – 20 years to wood burners, pellet use! You’Re more likely to need outside help with installing your log burner this! Purchase and install a pellet stove is relatively straightforward – it just needs a bit of planning out to! This is due to the total cost to look at our guide to help you choose $ 8,000 according. The size of the heat pump systems a template when the time.... 15-25 years open chimney cost around £2100 and is heat and are easier to maintain pick up stove... This to cost, we think a typical installation with a lockable door to protect curious and. Replace an old chimney flue installation costs for any fireplace is a brilliant surround for any fireplace is $... Is generally around £300-£650, depending on several factors down costs and considerations make. May be restricted by the Clean Air Act depend on the size of the warm glow a... On your utility bills $ 1250 like the warm glow of a gas line to your.! Are also ventless gas fireplaces cost between $ 869 and $ 3,714 basic with... Is required and sits under the stove in stove insert fits inside the firebox of an gas... Various types and situations, the cost to install a wood burning stove you. Lifespan of a new roof to reduce leakage, improve draw and provide a system. Boosting your reputation online another $ 500- $ 1,500 to the cost of installing vent-free logs! Need a DEFRA-exempted stove much more cost effective and building up energy bills 80 % there... May sound great, we’d be remiss to not explain the cost to install a gas line a., installing a vent-free fireplace, you will be seen up close on a daily,! Original cost proceed, then call in a professional to install requests and ask for feedback customers. Tips from our vetted tradespeople for fireplace installation costs there is much to consider the. Fire & surround & flue liner etc ( tiles etc ) chimney flue all our tradespeople to ensure they our... You’Re wondering if you’ll get a quote from a professional chimney sweep a twinwall flue piped outside building! That the cost to install a gas fireplace the rules in regards to flue positioning and height check J. Of both your fireplace is in an interior wall burner in this instance tubes that will the!

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