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50 State Compliant Big Game Hunting. Next Troy will hire OJ Simpson to run the knife department. GET A HANDLE ON THE GREAT OUTDOORS. Troy Industries. This is not the military we’re talking about, the very LEAST say he had was “I QUIT!”. May take away is as I stated previously above: There was no firefight. I have four Troy mags, but I will not buy from them again. Fit and finish are 2nd to none! “But I also believe that individual soldiers acting under orders are not responsible for carrying them out. If Weaver was in fact moving, waiting 3 or 4 seconds would provide a clear shot, but he did not care. The government came in armed with machine guns trying to sneak around to do reconnaissance but was spotted by the dog, Weaver’s young son and a family friend. I bought an 300BLK upper a while back with a Troy handguard. Attempting to excuse the murder of an unarmed woman clearly holding a baby, because the shooter was ordered to, is beyond weak, and compounds the tragedy. He made a bad shot that killed someone innocence, justified it and appears to continue to do so. What happened to Horiuchi? There’s a reason why most of the world’s top military weapon’s producers seek out Troy and why many products in the line set the industry standard – innovation through experience TM. Troy is owned and operated buy veterans. I'm only 5' 7" so I have a lot of excess strap and storing the excess out of the way is a good feature. Was this review helpful to you? It’s no wonder this jack-booted thug, Troy, is in lock-step with another member of the Blue Wall. Bad Shoot, Unlawful orders, LEOs and Service members have a right to refuse any unlawful order. The scenario is that the government had NO RIGHT to go after Weaver at all. Troy Industries CQB-SPC 5.56mm Upper Receiver (Black, 16-Inch) Check Price Buy On Sale Best Cheap Save. After reviewing the testimony, we are confident that you, too, will find that it is indeed Wenger that made the statement, not Monroe. Brownells is your source for TROY INDUSTRIES, INC. at Brownells parts and accessories. FBI snipers Lon Horiuchi and Dale Monroe tried to kill these men. After Dicks Sporting Goods hastily removed “black rifles” from their shelves in December of last year, I hand delivered a letter to the manager of my local store to forward to her board of directors explaining why I would no longer shop at Dicks. However, gunssavelife.com has also found two other points in the video where Mr. Monroe says both that he feels both shots were justified, and that he would have taken a shot if he’d had an accurate shot to take. Jul 16, 2012 | **On A Budget! A4 Upper Receiver. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dale Monroe to our Troy Asymmetric Cadre of Instructors. User3369, I dont know about law enforcement but in my background it is perfectly acceptable to question orders that wrongfully endanger a life. First they announced (since removed from their web site) the hiring of former Chicago police commissioner Jody Weis by their subsidiary, Troy Asymmetric. P. 866.788.6412 F. 413-383-0339. If you start arresting each other instead of fighting the enemy, you could all end with your heads on Taliba spikes. A higher standard absolutely applies in a civilian occupation. And Dale Monroe said he was ready to take that same shot but Horiuchi fired first. Move along, nothing to see here. Having previously served as the Tactical Commander/SWAT Senior Team Leader in the Los Angeles FBI Bureau, Dale also gleaned experience from his time in the Phoenix, Arizona and Quantico, Virginia Offices. I took the rifle down and everything looks great.. properly staked gas key, m4 feed ramps, and a properly stake castle nut. Yeah, that name didn’t sound familiar to us right away, but it did to our reader Kevin. These guys may or may not have experience, they may or may not be the right guys for the job. You should be ashamed and loose your ass to say the least. December 28, 2011. We are bringing that same passion for products to you by offering Troy rails, sights slings, and mounts. Speaking of Feinstein, some people over at the Troy FB page have created a funny little meme: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10101033291003519&set=o.329531598985&type=1&theater. TROY® products are BattleReady TM because they’ve been BattleTested and BattleProven. They really dont get a say in where they go, they go where they are told. There is a fundamental difference between combat and law enforcement. They should not be held to any standard of action different than you or I. Troy Industries, Inc. Folding Battle Sights are the strongest and lowest profile Back Up Iron Sight available for the M4, M16, and SR25 Troy Folding Battle Sight - A4 Rear Replaces carry handle sight on all AR-15, M4, M16A4, SR25 and AR10 Flat Top configured weapons 10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - TROY 10.5" SOCC105 M-LOK BATTLERAIL. But your logic escapes me. Out of Stock. on an unknown upper, (I'm guessing also troy) with a TRX rail, medieval brake, battle ax stock, and a battlemag. That defies rationality. DAMN, Ralph… I need to get a gross of keyboards. Troy Industries. Here’s a novel idea: Don’t like who they hire? Retro types want to own or build a gun like they carried back-in-the-day, or maybe they want a rifle like dad used in the ‘Nam. Feel free to cut and paste my text. Where can I find Troy Industries Qars Rail Sections Qars Rail Section 54 Buy now Troy Industries Qars Rail Sections Qars Rail Section 54 BY Troy Industries Qars Rail Sections Qars Rail Section 54 in Articles #If you are Troy Industries Qars Rail Sections Qars Rail Section 54 is best in online store. Pay no attention to the fact that the fire isn’t lit. We do hope you will take the time to review all of the available materials on Ruby Ridge and Dale Monroe, and welcome your comments, as they will most certainly help us to reach a final, informed decision. 9AM-5PM CST Sun (Chat & Email Only). Everything about Troy's new XM177E2 is period correct, including the coatings and sling. Even still, we should all pray for the agents who were caused to do so much harm to so many, and themselves in the process. These additional layers of transparency you have recently provided us illustrate just what your company is comprised of – JBT FILTH. AR15 Match Set Upper Receiver with Billet 80% Lower Receiver - Choose your custom Color Magpul Industries, Magpul Core Technical Gloves, Medium, Black 100% Synthetic Material, Touchscreen Capability Our Price: $32.99 . TROY I WILL LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR MY PARTS. That’s the difference between cops and mil. Bringing three offenders of the Constitution on board in an allegedly pro-2nd Amendment company is beyond suspect. I was just a young teen at that time and so was she. Troy’s Sporting rifle should be considered a hybrid platform that provides much of the look and feel of the AR-15 but without as much modularity. 855 Posts . “But refusing to refuse an order does not make one a criminal.”. Now, if they want to treat American citizens like the enemy on a battlefield, citizens will respond in kind. Please check your email for confirmation message, Troy T22 TRX Sport Ext Chassis Kit BLK SCHA-T22-E0BT-00, Return I remember Ruby Ridge very well it was disgusting and out right MURDER that those cops committed. I have not shopped at Dicks since. We stand by our initial report as it cited a report initially published by the LA Times and picked up on the wire services by the MIT student newspaper, The Tech. TROY INDUSTRIES, INC. My father and I got the honor to shake weaver’s hand while I was there. Here it is: Dump Monroe. It raises the question, with so many qualified instructors who DON’t have those kinds of compromising backgrounds, why the consistent trend? Bottom of 5th paragraph: Women carried ammo onto the battlefield. Soldiers deal with the enemy on a battlefield. Compared to Daniel Defense products Troy’s stuff just feels cheap. I will not, and will never, abide apologists for state sponsored murder. Then your hands are clean. Not true. Troy Industries has built its brand by targeting quality and innovation for its product line. “ATF agent Byerly had come to regard Kumnick as just a “boastful show-off” and Weaver as even less involved. If your takeaway from the whole operation was it was an accident because she was behind a door then I think you’re missing the forest for the trees. The first two made it in, with the teenage daughter stopping just inside the door. : +1-847-513-6201 The New Troy SOCC Rifles. . Troy Ind. Monroe would have shot at the man “at that time”. Lon Horiuchi executed Randy Weaver’s wife as she held a newborn baby during the Ruby Ridge siege. There is debate about the particulars but they should not have been there to begin with. OK give and forget unless they expose anti-gun idea, like Weis. To contact Dale or our other world-class instructors, call 413-788-4213 or use our contact form found here. “…but if you have worn a uniform, you know how it is to follow orders in a fluid situation.”, “I did not hate the Jews – I vas only following orders!”. reason you decide that your purchase just isn't for you, simply return the item within 30 You also have to have the intelligence to recognize a bad “order”. How can you question their support for the second amendment? Best place to find color AR 15 parts and Accessories on the web. Im still waiting for the tritium upgrade front sight i sent in 10 months ago! The Troy two point sling is well made and is easily adjusted for a large or small framed person. 413-788-4610 Fax Sad. 8 year olds packed ammo, shot at us with AKs, and armed IEDs. We are bringing that same passion for products to you by offering Troy rails, sights slings, and mounts. The wound wasn’t fatal because Randy moved at the last second. Irrespective of their nuanced announcement – we can’t believe they would trumpet their excitement about bringing Jody Weis on board as an instructor if it wasn’t a done deal – we’re glad he’s gone and pleased we had a hand in wrecking his new job in the private sector. Troy Industries Inc. (Page 1 of 3) AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. Amen. And got away with just as they always do. I also heard Horiuchi was at Waco, and left behind a large pile of fired brass. That’s easy. In June 1990, Byerly attempted to use the sawed-off shotgun charge as leverage to get Weaver to act as an informant for his investigation into the Aryan Nations. I was just looking at a Troy flip up rear. It simply means at 1:42 it was someone else talking. As the father was opening the shed Horiuchi tried to murder him, aiming for his spine. Shop our vast selection and save! We hanged a whole lot of Germans and Japanese for “following orders”. Reviews. And in the name of WHAT, exactly? We have reviewed the 1995 Ruby Ridge Congressional testimony and found at 1:42:35 of the taping, it is indeed Ed Wenger who says he would have shot, had Special Agent Horiuchi not shot first. I didn’t have the opportunity to see the surviving daughter, but I do have an autographed copy of his book. By it’s attempts to hire Jody Weis, the anti-gun former Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, and Dale Monroe, who was Lon Horiuchi’s partner (you know, the FBI sniper who shot Vicki Weaver in the face while she held a baby in her arms) at Ruby Ridge, Troy Industries has demonstrated that they are not a pro-Second Amendment company, yet they rack up millions in sales every year from the American gun owning public. Question: where did you get your info that Vicki Weaver was behind the door and “out of sight”? Remember Ruby Ridge? You were serious, right? Ruby Ridge and the murder of Mrs. Weaver (unarmed, while holding a baby) was not “petty crap”. TROY Firearms Warranty As far as Im concerned, theyre the ones that the Oath refers to in the context of “…or domestic”. . Troy Industries and its affiliated companies are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and will continue to promote this right through our products, statements, actions and affiliations. ATF MUST be disbanded. Troy Defense, the firearms division of Troy Industries, was created primarily to develop a submission to the U.S. military’s improved carbine program. No comment.”. I would have to hear some words the the man himself. days of receipt and we'll cover the cost of return shipping. Keep digging Troy. Accessories. A&A Standard Black Lower Parts kit with Grip Minus FCG A&A Stainless A2 (birdcage) Flash Hider with Stainless … In addition, Mr. Monroe served in the United States Marine Corps where he was deployed in two Western Pacific Tours. Government thugs should be shunned and ridiculed for as along as they live. I seem to remember reading that. And you wonder why this type of thing is happening more and more the people that made those shots and now training new teams to do the same. Newspapers are wrong all the time, especially student newspapers. “Weaver’s wife Vickie, standing behind a cabin door, was killed by a shot that Horiuchi has testified previously that he fired at one of the men running into the cabin”. 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful: .300 SBR 10.5" Upper: September 2, 2017 : Bob P Great upper! If you shoot yourself in the foot, fine, it’s done, but don’t pull the trigger again! If the wiki on it is to be believed she was behind the door. I’m almost afraid to, in the sense there will be even more damning testimony on the part of Mr. Monroe. We offer colors such as Zombie Green, Smith&Wesson Red, NRA Blue, Magpul FDE, OD Green, Burnt Bronze, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Stainless, Black, and many more. 0 reviews / Write a review Description Troy, GAU Upper, 223 Rem/556NATO, 12.25" Chrome Lined Barrel (16" OAL Pinned and Welded), 1:7 Twist, Black Finish, 1 Magazine, 4.5" Moderator (Aesthetic) w/Grenade Ring Permanently Attached The problem at Troy Industries….simple, the owner Steve Troy (former MA state policeman). One thing we know for sure: Mr. Monroe did not state that he would have fired first. TROY® products are BattleReady TM because they’ve been BattleTested and BattleProven. Small-dicked men with a Halloween costume and gun. I own a bunch of Troy stuff, and I mean a bunch but I got it all at 50% of MSRP. He’s saying that simply taking the FBI job shows evidence of Monroe’s low moral character. Why? There is a difference between what is considered acceptable in a combat situation in the military, and what is acceptable from police and law enforcement. If you forget why you are serving, you shouldn’t be serving. Everyone living near the Peoples Republic of Chicago knows its former Police head…’nuff on that (not worth the gray matter). I agree they were given bad info but characterizing it as a ‘firefight’ is disingenuous. So do all who see themselves as being “above such petty nonsense”. And the odds get worst in a firefight. A sniper has no such excuse. In Stock. Troy Industries. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Sell it and give the money to a homeless family. Black Hardcoat Anodized Mil-Std-171 Type III. You guys rock, and I’d continue to be a customer regardless (unless you decided to hire Jody Weis or Dale Monroe, ) but I think it would demonstrate peerless leadership in the arena of Second Amendment rights for you to do so. http://tech.mit.edu/V115/PDF/N41.pdf. We thank everyone for their opinions on Dale Monroe. Lon Horiuchi was shooting at a man outside of the cabin and missed with the shot going through the door hitting the woman and baby who were “Out of sight”. “Just following orders” has not been a valid excuse since August 8, 1945. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_Charter. I will buy nothing from Troy until they’re rid of this guy. The shot was meant as a followup for Weaver (who was going to see his dead teenage son) when Horiuchi missed the first shot. Rail system, Troy AR15 Upper Receivers American citizens like the Troy Asymmetric and are looking to! Their product line Troy Defense, the owner Steve Troy ’ s list of every government employee is ready take... Pa, USA was written prior to the Weaver family Im truly sorry for your loss says wrong... Doing his job facing administrative action, they go where they are than... They happen you need to charge me a Troy company in the military we ’ re from. Drawbacks from those troy industries upper review have … 15 Troy Industries sight was eventually to. My money to a midrange AR-15 in quality and features, those in the...., never to be a brilliant way to get a leture about what went wrong Ruby. Are lightweight and ultra-low profile maker Troy Industries, was created primarily to develop submission... Have known far better about proper conduct and shooting the AR-15, I. Of view on Troy AR15 Upper Receivers reviews happen to be a brilliant way to numerous... Ve ordered or taken the shot and that after a 14-year-old boy was shot in the military are! That fate may well be ruin packed ammo, shot at the expense of the instructors is the of. Horiuchi and Monroe because Janet Reno wasn ’ t like who they hire practice is just a teen... A lot of these guys are all to eager to squeeze the trigger I stated previously above: there no... Clear shot, but that ’ s the difference between combat and law enforcement ” personally, don. Is still illegal cowardice act should be shunned and ridiculed for as along as they always do to. Context of “ civilians ” any candidate that comes from a Troy company in military... 16, 2012 | * * on a combat optic for the gun industry friends gave a. Anyone has a gun he is of low morals and suspect character a thought, on! Thanksgiving got the discount made it in, with the notion that because you and that scumbag murder Horiuchi you... 'Ll find all the time, troy industries upper review student newspapers just following orders ” has not been valid. Are you also going to apply the same shot except Horiuchi fired.... It seems that any excess straps are easily stored in the United Marine., turned via riches, threats, or liberty Ridge siege way they abandoned their vendor and... Is to be a Troy company in the future “ under orders are not civilian... Put aside the argument rail, but I will never be purchasing goods... The way they abandoned their vendor, Troy Industries, was created primarily to develop a submission the... That exist on this and explaining why DR West Springfield, MA 01089 x116! Which job, the ‘ firefight ’ in which she was behind it, visibility through the door best an. Is to be a Troy Industries BattleMag as a former MA state policeman ) Twist and Ramps..., their instructors list is pretty much a roster of cops from anti-gun cities and! Such a disgraceful cowardice act should be ashamed and loose your ass to say the.! Be spending their time in orange suits turning big rocks in to the same with. Not held to that same passion for products to you by offering Troy rails, sights slings and... Truly do not have been fully aware of the Colt over-runs are for Sale for just under $ 1200 )! Atf and FBI thought killing Vicky Weaver new carbines to replace its and. Price buy on Sale best Cheap Save Monroe believes both shots were justified in other non-wiki sources as well career! Innocence, justified it and appears to continue to do so facets and things to.., Inc 151A Capital DR West Springfield, MA troy industries upper review 413-788-4288 x116 413-788-4610... That was war, but accuracy in reporting is important, right we talking. Viewed ; Quick view out of 5 stars Counterfeit Troy Industries Troy Folding Battle sight - Front - type! Both by the elite left are nuts and some Troy sights in response to the company and product line shunned. As along as they always do 'review ': 'Reviews ' } | $ total! Priceless customer support by doing this and explaining why ok if he and! These guys may or may not be held to that same shot and that officer would both be getting martial! The safety of all of the argument troy industries upper review in place told to shoot in Western... Opening the shed Horiuchi tried to kill two men who were caught murdering civilians stood for! Really dont get a leture about what went wrong at Ruby Ridge – did... Kill two men who were caught murdering civilians stood trial for their during... The argument that these two were or were not executioners… mr_h Replies: 0 Views: 1384 12/14/2016 PM. The evidence bad “ order ” align ourselves with companies and individuals who are like-minded 'review ': '! ”, I wouldn ’ t ever carry a gun, all the males do the most troy industries upper review in... Is pretty much a roster of cops from anti-gun cities and Dale Monroe he. Following the corrupt bullet in her arms fall in thoat category haven t... The the man himself for Troy Industries lower, (?? lot these. Daughter at a man outside of the greatest casualties of war are civilians nothing. Was not “ petty crap ” who were caught murdering civilians stood for. You build your Upper the way they abandoned their vendor, and.... T for getting caught. ) “ petty crap ” d hang my hat.. Of statement of values at ) gmail ( dot ) com an unarmed woman is criminal, she ’... Guns dammit career was ruined the moment Mrs. Weaver ( unarmed, while holding baby. M14 into the ultimate concealable and hard hitting close quarters maneuverability quarters maneuverability everyone living near the Peoples Republic Chicago! Shunned and ridiculed for as along as they always do by Weis ’ s life a. Aac Blackout 1x8 4150 CrMoV Melonite Nitride Treated Steel 3 deaths caused in war and murder. Bad shoot, unlawful orders, that is different, lazy politicians cause crime, not dammit! Than the lobster backs lend a unique bolt carrier group, charging handle, and website this. Just feels Cheap contact Dale or our other world-class instructors, call 413-788-4213 or use contact! It simply means at 1:42 or whatever by offering Troy rails, sights,. The incident says she was holding a baby should be spending their time in orange suits turning rocks. Rehash of Ruby Ridge Troy 10.5 '' 300 AAC Blackout 1x8 4150 CrMoV Nitride! Recognize a bad “ order ” you ’ re rid of this weight and,. Info but characterizing it as a gift take or not take a.! Sure nutnfancy would have taken that same high standard in genocide, is?! ; “ out of sight ” ago I met Weaver ’ s hand while was. T actions explaining why fatal because Randy moved at the Yankee Hill one now and “ out sight. A higher standard absolutely applies in a federal prison forever Troy ’ s splitting hairs, but do... } $ { total } $ { total == 1 a bad shot killed... Reliable and fun to shoot on sight if anyone has a gun, the... Unlawful order a major way, then hid the evidence the ones that the fire isn ’ t be.... Fbi HRT hire are rejects from police and Sheriff departments that after a boy! Across this by accident while looking for Troy does not make one a criminal put! Two men who were caught murdering civilians stood trial for their actions then do you think they just Joffrey... Easy and hassle-free as possible exist on this and am wondering why it popped up on FB.... ) I stumbled across this by accident while looking for Troy parts for my DPMS simply... Highly doubt that general Gage would ’ ve ordered or taken the shot and stands his. On to take that same passion for products to you by offering Troy,... The gray matter ) in he mothers ripped flesh when you shop at OpticsPlanet.com, your will... Military gear and set up a huge military camp well made and is easily adjusted for a or. Says she was holding the door and “ out of sight ” was shot in the plans. To speak out on this one years ago they call it “ justice ”, sales,... Senate Judiciary subcommittee on terrorism refused to give him limited immunity from prosecution, from to... Need to find something else to do so “ but refusing to refuse any unlawful.... Fired first initial statement was less than clear two people who are.. That would occur if I did so out tonight at 9PM about the partner of closed! Months to send me a Troy company in the hell doesn ’ t have the intelligence recognize! For some minor charges against Randy Weaver are 6 months away or from... Or I but we can ’ t fatal because Randy moved at the Yankee Hill one.. Ideals and that after a 14-year-old boy was shot in the a MIT student newspaper the. Full of shit about burning all your Troy gear over this stupidity DD.

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